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#WalkForever Update! The 73rd day of training! New Area! #WalkForever in the mountains! šŸƒā€ā™‚ļø

Hey y’all! It has been over a month since I last posted. I am deeply sorry about that. With preparing to move to a new city and working, it wasn’t easy to just set aside time to post. I did still try to dedicate time to training. So, this is reflecting on my last training session (May 1st) and updates. Since it’s starting to get hotter I decided to start walking earlier and finishing before peak hours. My last session was essentially split so that I did close to 30 miles the first day, and finished the following day. It is interesting to note that I went from living in a area with a few bills here and there, to now living with hills everywhere. I am now living in a mountainous city, since I’ve been contemplating on living in the mountains when I’m older. After a week of living here, I can definitely say all of the training I’ve done wasn’t for nothing. These hills are monstrous! And, I love it! #WalkForever is going to start feeling like #HikeForever. I am still allowing myself to become familiar with the area before I resume training again, but I wanted to post ASAP before it looked like I abandoned my blog. (Lol) Following this post will be previous unpublished training sessions in April.

The 74th day of #WalkForever training will commence soon!

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