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The 66th day of #WalkForever training postponed again! 😤

Hey, y’all! I don’t know what is going on lately! The active clothing I ordered, for cold weather, last week literally just shipped two days ago. (I’m still not happy about that.) So I had to do the best with what I had today. I couldn’t leave at my usual time in the morning because it was in the 20s. I waited until after 8 in the morning to begin the walk. It was 33 degrees when I officially started the walk. “Chemicals” by Normandie kicked off the walk. Now everything was going well with the walk. It was chilly but the sunlight was helping. I normally do not check my tracker until I’m close to 10 miles to see how fast I’m going. It was almost two hours and I decided to check my stats. To my surprise, the tracker decided to stop recording my progress at 2 miles. So I walked at least an hour and a half for nothing. (Lol) I was just done at that point. Anyway, I will give this another try this week. Hopefully my new clothes will be here as well. Take care, everyone!

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