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The 56th day of #WalkForever training! Day 2: Complete remaining 10 miles before 11 a.m. 🏃‍♂️

Day 2 is usually fun and unpredictable! I always try my best to leave early but I was starving that morning! I had several vegan sausage link sandwiches and blueberry waffles! (I unfortunately did not take a photo for “The Fuel” because I wanted to eat and get to walking!) I ended up officially starting the walk @ 8:14. “We’re good” by Dua Lipa kicked off the last 10 miles! *Walking shoes are still functioning properly* *Water consumption was good throughout walk* I didn’t feel like I was walking as fast as I did yesterday but according to my tracker I was doing well! I walked up a total of 5 hills during this walk. *UV radiation was thankfully low throughout this entire walk.* The weather said it was supposed to rain all day but only ended up raining before I started, and making the surrounding area much more cooler. I ended up finishing the walk at 10:45, not only going over 10 miles but still continuing to walk more, and enjoy the scenery, but at a much slower pace. Thankfully the rest of my scenic walking was accompanied by shade from the clouds and plenty of breeze! So, next week is my birthday and I will be traveling! I, of course, will be walking wherever I go so I may try to post a #WalkForever travel edition post but I will see how things go. I hope everyone following this blog is doing well and, of course, moving. 😊 I hope you all continue to follow this superheroic fitness journey! Next: The 57th day of #WalkForever training!

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