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The 55th day of #WalkForever training! HEAT ADVISORY EDITION! Day 1: minimum of 25 miles before noon

Hey, y’all! It is #WalkForever time once again! I am so proud of myself for actually leaving for the walk close to 4 in the morning! *There were no flare ups in certain parts of my leg from past injuries during this walk.* *Walking shoes are still holding up but wear is showing on the inside.* Now, I told y’all it was supposed to be hot this week. Apparently that was an understatement. The first 10 miles started out smoothly. It was still kind of dark in some places so I had to use my flashlight. The temperature was fine but by the middle of this leg of the walk, I was already sweating through my shirt. I’m not sure if I was walking too fast or maybe it was a little warmer than I thought. By about 75% of the first 10 miles, I felt myself starting to walk slower than usual. I will admit that my fuel this week wasn’t as much as I have been consuming. The second 10 miles was where the slow pace was more noticeable, so I tried to incorporate some slight running here and there to help give some momentum. During this set of the walk was where it was getting hotter. I decided to check the weather to see UV ranges and overall temperature. I noticed an exclamation sign that read, “Heat Advisory Warning“. 🥵 At that point I was just focused on finishing as fast as I can! The final 5 miles was, of course, the hottest but I managed to complete 25 miles before noon. I was thankful I was able to get inside before the heat became even more intense. Little did I know I was in for the same thing the next day… continued in Day 2

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