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The 54th day of #WalkForever training! Day 2: Finish remaining miles before 11:30 a.m. 🏃‍♂️

So, I managed to finish Day 1 with exactly 25 miles. Which meant I had to complete 10 more miles on Day 2 before UV became too intense. I will admit that there is something about leaving at 7-8 in the morning that makes me wants to truly walk forever! It was so beautiful outside! Unlike the previous day where I had to keep picking certain music, my legs were ready to go! Shoes are still flowing comfortably and legs didn’t flare up from past injuries. As with the previous Fridays, I did more than I planned because it just felt so good! According to my tracker, this was actually one of my fastest though it didn’t feel like it THAT much. I am still not sure when I will officially progress to 40 miles but this Day 1 and 2 business is definitely a form of preparation. It looks like next week will be hotter than this week, so will see how the walk will play out accordingly. Until next Thursday comes, welcome to everyone following this superheroic fitness journey! I hope y’all are still moving, despite this heat and all these COVID restrictions that seem to be coming back into place! Following this post is “Leg Progress” and “Fuel” posts!

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