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The 54th day of #WalkForever training! Day 1: 25 miles completed before 11:30 a.m. ðŸƒâ€â™‚️

Hey, y’all! It is another day for #WalkForever training! I, unfortunately, didn’t manage to leave on Thursday morning until close to 5 in the morning. However the temperature was supposed to be in the lower 80s as the day progressed so I wasn’t too worried about the heat. It was definitely much cooler outside than I expected, so I decided to get going so that I could make the most of it. The first 10 miles went well. Walking shoes are still flowing comfortably. I was able to get some slight running here and there. The music that has been aiding me lately is 90s/00s Pop. From Kelly Clarkson to *NSYNC, I am grateful for giving me that extra pep in my step for the first leg. The second 10 miles featured walking up more hills than the first. During this leg of the walk, my choices in music was becoming more and more motivating on an emotional level so I was walking faster and faster! I really need to start working on a Playlist! Also, another person stopped me to inquire about all the walking I’m doing! They told me walking 35 miles was fantastic so that made me feel good! The final 5 miles for the day was where my body was more tired than usual. I was running out of music to pump me up so I had push to make it to my time limit. More on #WalkForever in Day 2…

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