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The 52nd day of #WalkForever training! Day 2: 10 miles done before 11 a.m.

Training for today was almost as fast as yesterday! Since I had less than 10 miles to finish, I decided to leave close to 8 in the morning. I also consumed a good amount of food! I wanted to be done before 11, so it made a nice challenge. Within the first couple of miles, my clothes were already soaked due to perspiration. I felt like I was moving quickly but I didn’t want to confirm until at least an hour into the walk. By the time I did check how fast I was going I was not only going faster than I expected, but I was almost finished! I ended up going over my remaining walking miles because I was SO into the walk. I finished at 10.82 miles about a half hour before 11 in the morning. There was no running in this walk, which is even more awesome! I’m enjoying these “beat the heat” walks. Depending on the temperature next week, things will probably go the same. Following this post will be more leg progress and a fuel update! I appreciate those following this superheroic fitness journey. I hope y’all are finding a way to keep moving despite the heat. 🏃‍♂️

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