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The 52nd day of #WalkForever training! Day 1 : 25 miles completed before noon ðŸƒâ€â™‚️

Hey, y’all! So for training this week, I decided to repeat what I did last week and do as much as possible before peak hours during the day. Due to my current work schedule, I was able to get up close to 4 in the morning and leave around 5. I did not have any protein shakes to take before the walk but I did have a Celsius energy drink. That was probably one of the best decisions ever! The walk was literallt a blast once I was outside and moving! The first 10 miles was a great pace with some running here and there. The temperature, as the hours went by, was reasonable but the warmth was definitely still present. The drink was aiding me so well that I had to go back and finish the rest of it after the first two hours. The second 10 miles was almost as quick as the first set. During this set I had to stop to stretch to my right leg a couple times. This is the same I injured when I was younger and now it “acts up” at times. During this set was when the heat was starting to become more intense. The last 5 miles was quick but the most challenging because of the heat. I tried to finish as much as possible in the shade. I ended up stopping at 25.4 miles a little after 11 in the morning. I completed my beat the heat goal for the first day and now I just had to finish the rest tomorrow. The 52nd day of #WalkForever training concludes in Day 2 🏃‍♂️

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