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The 50th day of #WalkForever training! Yay! Part 1 of 3

Happy Thursday, y’all! Wow! This is the 50th time I have done this! Here’s to another 50 more! Training update is as follows… I ACTUALLY GOT UP IN TIME TO LEAVE CLOSE TO 5 IN THE MORNING! It was kind of cool outside and the sky was beginning to illuminate with the sunrise. It is definitely the best time to start these walks during the summer. The first 10 miles were nice and smooth. My legs were ready to move from the get-go. I felt even more motivated since I got up early. I would say the real only struggle during this part was my spotify playing a decent mix. 😅 The second 10 miles was good as well, but I felt myself starting to slow down in the middle of this section. By this time, I had walked up more hills than my previous walk. The third 10 miles were where things got a bit more challenging. I had to stop several times for more “fuel” or to give my leg a chance to get a quick rest. (Also the sun was getting more intense so I had to seek shade as much as possible.) As I said in my previous post, doing #WalkForever only once a week isn’t going to be easy to get used to. The final 5 miles wasn’t as bad. It is always the final set that doesn’t feel too bad or goes by quickly. Today’s training session overall was definitely not my fastest but it was faster than last week! Also, my right ankle is slightly sore, and I’m not sure if it is due to me walking too fast or my shoes. (Though the only shoes I wear are my tried and true Reebok.) Either way I’ll take some time to recover. I was notified today that I may have to work some extra time at this Warehouse job for next week. So, I will let you all know if I have to postpone training sessions. There are two posts following this one: a leg progress photo and a fuel post. I appreciate those that continue to follow this superheroic fitness journey. I hope everyone is moving and continues to move. 😊

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