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The 47th day of #WalkForever training is the first time I’ve walked 35 miles! My legs! 😅 Part 1 of 2

Happy Tuesday, y’all! This walk was definitely a challenge, a fun challenge though. Training update is as follows… SO, I WAS UP ABOUT TWO HOURS BEFORE I OFFICIALLY LEFT. Something told me that I needed to prep myself mentally for this walk. 🙏 I had some water and toast before starting the walk at 6ish in the morning. The weather was overcast, so it was hoodie time again. The first 10 miles wasn’t bad, I was moving at a quick pace. I was moving so quickly that it felt like my legs wanted to run but I wanted to walk throughout this training. The second 10 miles was about the same pace as the first but I could feel my legs getting slower. The third 10 miles was were things were getting harder. It’s like my legs knew I was walking a few more miles, and still at a quick pace! My pace was still holding up for the most part despite my legs getting tired. The final 5 miles was where I literally couldn’t afford to stop because my legs were just about done. I wasn’t too concerned about my finishing time. Since I am officially practicing walking 35 miles, I want to aim for finishing as close as possible to 7 hours. I shall see how these next training days go. Hopefully, my legs are ready for more training on Thursday! Until I appreciate those that continue to follow this superheroic fitness journey. I hope you all are moving and never stop! Part 2 of this post is a leg progress photo!

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