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The 45th day of #WalkForever training was a literal struggle repeat! Another 30 miles done! Part 1 of 2

Happpppppy Thursday, y’all! It was a little more chilly during this walk but these 30 miles got done regardless! Training update is as follows… I TRIED MY BEST TO GET UP AS EARLY AS I DID ON TUESDAY, BUT I MANAGED TO FINALLY START GETTING READY A QUARTER AFTER 6. It was mostly overcast outside so I wasn’t too anxious about the sun. I had some pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, carrot juice and water to give me some fuel. Once I stepped outside the breeze was more cool than expected, so I had to take a hoodie for the walk. The first 10 miles went well. I managed to get in some running and not run out of breath. If you’ve been keeping up with the recent training posts, there was one where I had an unfortunate day of having to use the bathroom, urgently, several times throughout the entire walk. Today that unfortunate experience happened again! šŸ˜© Things were fine up until the second 10 miles and that is when it started. Last time this occurred, it affected the walk so severely that I couldn’t walk as fast as I usually can. I did end up walking slower during the second 10 miles but I did my best to pick up the pace. I admit that a part of me wanted to call it a day and just take it easy, but I HAD to finish! The final 10 miles was even worse than the previous! (It is funny how that works. Lol) I was trying to go as fast as I could, only to have to slow down and take a “break”. My finishing time was nowhere near as good as Tuesday’s time but I’m honestly just happy it is over at this point! Today means that I have one more training day before I start practicing 35 mile walks! I just have to do whatever I can to NOT have another day like this. šŸ˜’ I still owe you guys some “Lumber Bootcamp” videos. I have some but I need to edit them. Part 2 of this post is another leg progress photo! I think I’m getting the hang of these photos! #WalkForever training will resume next week. I appreciate those following this superheroic journey. I hope you all continue to move and never stop!

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