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The 44th day of #WalkForever training was fun! Another 30 miles completed! Part 1 of 2

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Today was such a pleasant day to get these 30 miles in! Training update is as follows… I ACTUALLY GOT UP AT A QUARTER TO 6 THIS MORNING! That let me know right then and there, that this walk would be epic! I rubbed shea butter on my skin for that blazing sun in the coming afternoon, drank some smoothie to give me energy and did some stretching to ease into the first few miles. The first 10 miles was kind of a breeze, if I’m being honest. I have typically started my most recent walks by walking up and down certain long roads, but today I started by walking around an entire neighborhood several times. It was even better to see others walking as well! (But I doubt they were doing 30 miles like me. πŸ˜‚) I was also able to get some running in, here and there. The second 10 miles went well like the first. I started playing some Batman and Robin (NOT the movie πŸ˜‘) stories on YouTube to give me some added superheroic motivation. I was starting to sweat more during this set as the sun was coming out more. Now, the final 10 miles was not a walk in the park because the sun wasn’t holding back. Those rays were literally intensifying with every step. I was so thankful that I started early because at the time I knew I didn’t have much more to go. Hell, just to help me not focus on the sun too much, I finished the last mile walking back to the house with carrot juice. (Lol.) Thursday isn’t supposed to be as hot as it was today so I’m really looking forward to that. I also finished with a much better time than my previous sessions so… Yay! We shall see how Thursday turns out! I appreciate those following this superheroic fitness journey. I hope y’all continue to move and never stop! Today means two more training days until progressing to 35 mile walks! Part 2 of this post is a leg progress photo!

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