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The 43rd day of #WalkForever training (30 mile style)! Slow progress but still progress! Part 1 of 2

Happy Thursday, y’all! Today didn’t go quite as planned but… Training update is as follows… I PLANNED ON GETTING UP AT AROUND 5 IN THE MORNING, SO I COULD BEAT THE HEAT IN THE ATERNOON. I woke up and my head started to hurt. 😔 So I ended up staying in bed until about a quarter to 7. I got ready and had a smoothie before I left. When I stepped outside it was actually quite breezy for being in the upper 60s. For the first 10 miles, it was mostly overcast. I was relieved but still felt like I had to pick up the pace before the afternoon. My legs were doing fine. There was no “heaviness” and I thought I was going at a fair rate. The temperature during the second 10 miles was similar to the first, but I could feel the heat coming up. Something told me to wear a hoodie, which did come in handy at first, but it became a hindrance later. I felt like my pace was slowing down during this second set but I wanted to focus on moving, rather than checking the tracker. I wasn’t listening to music during most of this walk, which may be why I wasn’t moving as fast. I decided to play the “Injustice” comic storyline on YouTube. I will admit that at times I was more focused on listening to the story than on moving quickly. The final 10 miles I noticed I was moving MUCH slower than I thought! I did what I could to finish strong but I was battling heat and pollen at the same time, and neither was pulling punches! I wasn’t happy with the time but I am always glad that I finished. Now that today is behind me, this means 3 more training until 35 mile walks begin! #WalkForever training will resume next week. As always, I do appreciate those following this superheroic fitness journey. I hope you all keep moving and never stop! Part 2 of this post is leg progress!

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