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The 42nd day of #WalkForever training (30 mile style)! Part 1 of 2

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Today was fun but also a struggle! Training update is as follows… I KNEW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE 80s TODAY, SO I HAD TO GET UP EARLY! I ended up getting up about a quarter after 6 but not leaving until 7. I managed to only start my fuel intake with pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and water. While that is not my go-to, it did give me a good boost to start. The walk started off a little faster than I expected. The first 10 miles was a little rough because my legs were feeling a little heavy again. Also, I had to use the bathroom (urgently) more than usual. The need to use the bathroom (urgently) is one thing about these walks that can be problematic, especially if I am not close to one. Another issue that occurred today was my shirt rubbing against my nipples. They were so sore! The second 10 miles was easier than the first but still uncomfortable. Around this time, it was getting hotter so I was just focused on trying to keep a steady pace. The final 10 miles my legs started to feel heavy and tired at the same time. (Lol) I had to use the bathroom (urgently) one final time and was ready to finish so that my nipples could heal! 😩 Despite all the hurdles today imposed, I am looking forward to more training! I owe y’all “Lumber Bootcamp” videos. It looks like it will be in the 90s on Friday, so I will have to leave extra early! Until then, there is a leg progress photo in Part 2 of this post! I appreciate you all for following this superheroic fitness journey. I hope you all continue to move and never stop. 4 more training days until 35 mile walks! 😁

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