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The 41st day of #WalkForever training was yet another day of abundance! Part 1 of 3

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Today was such a beautiful day! (I apologize for not uploading “Lumber Bootcamp” yesterday. Work was much more draining than usual.) Training update is as follows… IT WAS A LITTLE COOLER THAN I WOULD’VE LIKED IT TO BE THIS MORNING! I did not end up starting the walk until close to 8. The first 10 miles were okay but my legs felt “heavier” than usual. For the past few walks, I’ve been feeling more pressure in my thighs rather than my calves. (Which is a good thing because my calves are huge!) So I really had to put more effort into moving quickly today, but also walking properly. I had Spider-Man playing in the background to add to my momentum. The second 10 miles was where I got thrown off but for quite a surprise. I mentioned in a training post a couple weeks ago about finding several dollars. Today, I ended up finding seven $10 bills on the ground! 😲 I couldn’t, and still can’t, believe that. It is so hard to believe that someone would just lose money like that. After this occurred, the walk took a slightly easy turn. Believe me,, I was trying to keep a quick pace but that moment shook me to my core! The final 10 miles were a breeze but I ended up with a slower time than both training sessions last week. I already said that I’m still progessing to the next level despite these results. The method is still walking in small to large circles, and back and forth on long sidewalks/roads. Now that I think about it, maybe I should add going up down hills quickly to this method. This could aid with the “heaviness” and being forced to push against it. It is time for a new challenge. We shall see how Thursday’s training session goes and tomorrow will be more “Lumber Bootcamp” training! Part 2 of this post will be more leg progress! I appreciate y’all following this superheroic fitness journey, and hope you all continue to move no matter what! This means there are five more training sessions until 35 mile training days begin! 💪

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