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The 40th day of #WalkForever training is here! 😎 Part 1 of 2

Happy Thursday, y’all! Today marks the 40th day of #WalkForever training! (Yay!) Training update is as follows… I WOKE UP WITH MY MUSCLES STILL KIND OF SORE FROM “LUMBER BOOTCAMP” YESTERDAY. So, I had to move slow before getting ready to walk these 30 miles. I didn’t have any protein shakes or carrot juice for fuel today. I just started out with pumpkin seeds and water. (It was extremely bland but it got me going.) Like Tuesday, it was cool enough to wear a hoodie. Unlike Tuesday, it was mostly overcast so I didn’t have to worry about the sun draining me of energy. The first 10 miles were smooth. I got another compliment from a fellow walker during this set. She said she noticed how serious I am about my walk because she spotted me on the side of the highway. 😂 The second 10 miles there was some fatigue here and there. During this set, as I walking, a driver almost hit me by turning into the wrong lane and just waived at me as if he did nothing wrong. 😐 The final 10 miles my legs were holding up, but I found myself trying to figure out where to finish the walk. I am still practicing walking in large circles and back and forth on long roads/sidewalks. My finishing time is about the same as Tuesday, so I think I am going to give myself six more training days until 35 mile walks starts. Summer will be right around the corner at that point, so I will definitely be getting up earlier to not get too much sun. So… today marks 6 more training days until 35 mile walks! I hope you all continue to follow until then, and of course, never stop moving yourselves. Part 2 is another leg progress photo! 🙂

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