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The 38th day of #WalkForever training was swift and abundant! 🤑 Part 1 of 3

Happy Friday, y’all! I think this is the first Friday I have done #WalkForever training. It was epic! Training update is as follows… I HAD TO DO BETTER THAN I DID ON WEDNESDAY! I ended up getting up about a quarter to 7 in the morning. I got my skin ready for sun exposure and drank my carrot juice, water and protein shake. I officially left at a half hour past 7. The first 10 miles of the walk was off to a vastly better pace than the last training session. There were some slight hiccups here and there but the pace was steady. The heat wasn’t as overbearing as Wednesday but the sweat was still there. The second 10 miles was still at a good pace, not much slower than the first set. During this set I actually stumbled upon several dollars just laying in the grass! I don’t who lost it but I most certainly will appreciate and use it well! You’d be surprised how often I stumble upon money just going on these walks! The final 10 miles was not difficult at all. The pace was still close to the first set, even after walking up big hills for the third or fourth time. It makes me wonder if my legs are ready to start progressing to 35 miles soon. 😁 I even ended with a finishing time of 6 hours and 17 minutes. Though it is not my fastest, it is still great progress! I am going to see how next week’s #WalkForever results go and hopefully the countdown to 35 mile walks will begin! There is a part 2 and 3 that will feature leg progress, and a photo of the fuel that aided me on this fitness foundation. As always, I appreciate y’all following this superheroic fitness journey. I hope y’all move and never stop! 🙂

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