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The 37th day of #WalkForever training was so hot! πŸ”₯😩 Part 1 of 2

Happy Humpday, y’all! Today was definitely a workout! Training update as is follows… I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THAT SUN IN THE ATERNOON! So, I knew it was going be much warmer starting this week. I told myself I was just going to have to leave early. I woke up close to 9 in the morning, but, due to unforeseen circumstances, the walk didn’t start until almost two hours after that. πŸ˜‘ I gave myself fuel by drinking some carrot juice, a protein shake, coffee and some water. (Yes, I know it is a weird combination but it did help!) Also, to prepare for the heat on my skin, I applied some shea butter. At that point, I was ready to get walking. Now, the first 10 miles wasn’t so bad. It was steadily getting warmer but the sweating was tolerable. I decided to keep the walking distance much shorter than the previous walks, because I wasn’t sure how intense the heat may get. I kept the method the same as I’ve been recently practicing, I walked in one big circle. I also wore a mask because since it’s spring, that dreaded pollen is on the rise. Which brings us to the second 10 miles, I was literally walking into full-blown clouds of pollen! My phone was covered in it. I was grateful for the mask protecting me but the heat wasn’t aiding me as far as breathing. At the same time, my need for fluids was becoming much more pronounced and I was started to walk much slower. I ended up talking several more breaks than usual but they were just what needed to keep going. The final 10 miles was a challenge. I was pushing myself to keep a fast pace because any kind of running was definitely out of the question. By this point the sun was starting to go down, so shade was more readily available. The last five miles had me going up a big hill for the third time, making a stop for a one last boost and walking back to photo the progress. I finished with a slower time than I wanted, but that sun was no joke. (Lol.) I do not have to work this weekend so I’m debating on doing #WalkForever this Friday, Saturday or Sunday for the first time! I’m going to keep up with the weather and see how things go. It is supposed to rain all three days but we’ll see. Until then, I appreciate yall following this Superheroic fitness journey. I hope everyone continues to move and never stop, but heat is no joke! Part 2 of this post will feature more leg progress! πŸ™‚

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