Update for the last few days!

Hey, y’all! I’m sorry I haven’t posted for the past several days. My schedule was all over the place! My current job had needed me for several situations and what not. I, unfortunately, was unable to do #WalkForever training a second time this week. I was able to record some “Lumber Bootcamp” videos though. “100 to Infinity #4” and “War of The Gods Pt. 1” were recorded a couple days ago. “War of the Gods Pt. 2 and 3” were recorded today. “War of the Gods” features, so far, Infinity Stance, 100 to Infinity, Sky High, Hermes, The 100 and The Balance. I will keep working on it and sharing the results. I have to pull my overnight shift tomorrow, instead of today, so I may end up doing #WalkForever on Wednesday and Friday but will see how my body feels after that 12 hour shift on Tuesday. šŸ¤£ I will see y’all then!

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