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The 35th day of #WalkForever training is here courtesy of Spider-Man! Part 1 of 2

Happy Thursday, y’all! The weather was so weird during this walk today! The training update is as follows… IT IS A BLESSING TO BE ABLE TO START THIS 30 MILE WALK AT 8 A.M. Because it was most definitely a struggle in the winter!!!!! Now it was a little chilly at the time, so I had to wear a hoodie. I had some water and took a protein shake with me. (I do not recommend doing this whatsoever. I love to move, so I’ll be in rush to get moving at times.) I decided to continue walking in “large circles” as I started on Tuesday. I started the first 10 mile set by walking in a circle of two long roads. I expanded upon that, during the second set of 10 miles, by walking in a big circle involving several neighborhoods and alongside a highway. The third 10 mile set was my usual route of walking to the nearest park, going up the hill within the park, leaving and walking down the long road near the park. I was so sure I would end this walk faster than I did on Tuesday, but I ended about a minute slower. It is not that much of a difference but it is still frustrating. A while ago, I stated that I wanted my legs to become accustomed to 30 mile walks before I start counting down to 35 miles. So I’m going to give this another couple of weeks before counting down. Spider-Man videos on YouTube aided the majority of the walk! I did not take pictures, again, of the food I ate for the walk. (Apologies!) If it helps, the only thing I really ate was a core bar? It is a vegan bar with several grams of protein and fiber. They are a nice snack on the go. I mostly drank cold pressed juices. The ones I consumed also contained several grams of protein to keep me going. (They’re delicious and helpful!) As with Tuesday, this is a Part 1 so a leg progress will be for Part 2! I appreciate y’all following this fitness journey. I hope you all keep moving and never stop! 🙂

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