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The 34th day of #WalkForever training is long overdue! 😄 #Restorethesnyderverse Part 1 of 2

Happy Tuesday, y’all! This past weekend the Justice League Synder Cut was in full bloom and filled me with such inspiration! Just… 🤗 Training update is as follows… I do apologize for putting off this training for as long as I have. My legs have been itching to make up for the past week or so. The weather today was mostly overcast and slight drizzling here and there. Normally this would slow down my momentum, but my legs have become so accustomed to these long walks that it didn’t faze me. I spent the first 10 or so miles mostly building upon walking back and forth on long roads, to now walking in a big circle several times. This method, like the previous, is repetitive but the simplicity is rewarding. The rest of the walk was keeping up a steady and similar pace to first few miles. Throughout the walk most of the pressure was going toward my thighs and glutes, more so than my calves. (Which is good because they’re thick enough.) I was complimented by several fellow walkers for my speed. A lady hoped that she could walk at my speed eventually. 🤣 After what happened at the end of the Snyder Cut, I had to go faster today! (Also, I forgot to take photos today of the drinks and bars that have been helping me on my latest walks. I will do so next time.) My finishing time is better than my last training sessions but still not close to 6 hours. However I appreciate the progress nonetheless. This is a part 1, so part 2 will feature a “Leg Progress” photo for today. Training updates will continue throughout the week. I appreciate y’all following this fitness journey. I hope you all continue to move and never stop! 🙂

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