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The 32nd day of #WalkForever training is in the books! Part 1 of 2

Happy #WalkForever Thursday, y’all! It was in the 60s today! 🌞😁🌞 Training update is as follows… I SLEPT WAY TOO LONG THIS MORNING! I WAS SO UPSET WHEN I SAW THE TEMPERATURE AND COULDN’T BELIEVE I ALLOWED MYSELF TO MISS SOME OF THIS GLORIOUS SUN! However by the time I got out and started my walk, it felt perfect. I started the walk by going to drop off a package at the closest mailbox, which is almost 2 miles away. After that I continued to keep walking and noticed that my left shoe is starting to squeak. (The squeak that shows the shoe is reaching it’s end sooner or later.) I feel like I just got these shoes though! From the picture I posted, it is obvious that they’ve been put to work. I did my best to not check my tracker too often for fear of what happened last training session. Thankfully there were no malfunctions, this time. The walk overall was pretty smooth. I am still enjoying walking back and forth on long roads. Though it can get kind of tedious at times. I am guessing that it isn’t challenging enough. I may try running back and forth on these long roads just to add a nice twist to it. I had been contemplating on eventually having a #RunForever thing but one thing at a time. Besides running is no joke! (Lol) The superhero that aided me on this walk was my good ole fav, Batman. Nothing like having a good, long walk and hearing B-man interrogate someone in the most threatening and hilarious way possible. Anyway, I appreciate y’all following this fitness journey. I hope you all never stop moving and moving. 🙂

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