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Lumber Bootcamp 💪 takes place of 32nd day of #WalkForever training🦵for today!

Happy Tuesday, y’all! So I decided to try something different for today. I typically would do #WalkForever training but I decided to dedicate today to Lumber Bootcamp instead. For the Lumber Bootcamp session, I practiced carrying the log around most of the neighborhood, with most of the pressure going affecting biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest as well. I guess you could say I was practicing Lumber #WalkForever training. (Lol) It is not easy by any means but it is a great form of resistance. I still practiced the routines I’ve been doing from “Infinity Stance” to “Atlas and Cronos”. I am practicing to make these sessions last for 1-2 hours. An hour alone already feels like a pretty good workout but pushing it will definitely leave lasting results. I am debating on whether I will do #WalkForever training tomorrow, Thursday or just dedicate these next couple of days to Lumber Bootcamp. Either way, I will be posting and sharing content. 🙂

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