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The 32nd day of #WalkForever training… STALLED! UGH! 😒 😑

Happy #WalkForever Thursday!!! Today was the perfect temperature to go walking, jogging, running or whatever movement you prefer! Training update is as follows… ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN MADE THIS WALK SO DAMN ENJOYABLE! I FOUND MYSELF LAUGHING SEVERAL TIMES THROUGHOUT THE WALK. I could not wait to get outside when I saw the temperature was already at 57 degrees, and it wasn’t even close to noon yet! I am getting more used to this “walking not too far from the surrounding neighborhood” method. The more I do it, the more I’m building upon it. The only thing is when the sun is out, everybody is out too. I find myself having to constantly wonder if they’re COVID terrified, hence why I keep the mask on me. I don’t mind changing course and what not, because I’m typically just happy to be outside. Speaking of people, some dude, while in his car, yelled at me today saying, “Keep it up, bro!” I wonder if he knows that I walk 30 miles. 😆 Now, as you’ve seen the title of this post, you know where I am about to go. I was looking forward to finishing these last 10 miles with triumph, all while Spider-Man PS4 was playing on my headset. (Spider-Cop lol) I check my tracker after a while of walking back and forth on long roads several times, only to see that it stopped at 22 miles. I had nothing to say. I just called it day. Believe me, the frustration was THERE. 😤 However all I can do is just try again the next training session. And just for good measure, I will be playing Ultimate Spider-Man all over again. That superhero motivation is a addictive! So, today’s training was stalled but not for long. 🙂

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