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The 31st day of #WalkForever training (30 mile style) has been completed!!! 😎 🌞

Happy #WalkForever Tuesday!!! Today was such a pleasant training day, indeed! Training update is as follows… I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I WAS WHEN I SAW IT WAS GOING TO BE IN THE 60S TODAY AND TOMORROW!!! I am so ready for this winter weather to be over and done with, so I can train outside like I did today! I think today was officially the first day I’ve done #WalkForever without worrying about taking a hoodie. I literally did the entire walking session in just a sleeveless shirt and shorts! I decided to expand upon what I did for the last training session. I kept the walk not too far from the surrounding neighborhood. I walked back and forth on several long roads, that don’t have much traffic, about 5 times each. I did that for the first few miles of the walk, and also for the last. The rest of the walk was the same route as last week. Now, one thing I did differently on this walk was take several breaks to visit the grocery store. I don’t like taking too many breaks on walks but I do believe in the reward system. (Lol.) If you’re working out hard, there’s nothing wrong with a “healthy” snack to keep you going. If you’re a fan of “Nature’s Promise”, I highly recommend their cold pressed juice called “berry the lead”. (So…delicious) Anyway, the walk was so pleasant and effortless. Similar to last week, I was more concerned with doing it and enjoying it, rather than getting it done as soon as possible. The weather, light clothing, hearing Spider-Man videos in my headphones and, of course, moving as much as I wanted all made it so enjoyable. It really does wonders to make it work for you. Now, if only weather is just as nice on Thursday as it is today, we shall see. Until then, I appreciate y’all following this fitness journey. More “Lumber Bootcamp” videos will be on the way. I hope you all never stop moving and moving! 🙂

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