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The 30th day of #WalkForever training (30 mile style) is here!!!

Happy #WalkForever Tuesday!!! Today was such a beautiful day (again!) for training! 30 on 30 Training update is as follows… I WANTED TO KEEP THINGS SIMPLE BUT ALSO SWITCH SOME THINGS UP FOR THIS WALK TODAY. According to the weather, it was supposed to be in the 50s today which isn’t horrible. When I first stepped outside it was a little chilly but I figured I’ll warm up. Thankfully, I didn’t have to because it started feeling like a spring day! Today was perhaps the first day I did an entire walk without headphones or music. (Which may be why I finished much slower than last time.) My headphones, dreadfully, shorted out.ğŸ˜ž So I decided to play some of my favorite superhero YouTube videos and play them out loud on my phone. This was great because I was so focused on what I was hearing, that the walk felt like a casual stroll. The major downside to this was that it drained the battery of my phone faster, so I had finish the walk in a reasonable amount of time. As far as the walk was concerned, I decided to walk the entire 30 miles around, or not too far from, the neighborhood. The familiarity definitely made me more comfortable. I’ve walked these roads many times before I started doing 25miles+ walking. For the majority of the walk I went back and forth several times down certain roads. The length of these roads, and the hills I had to walk up, gave great opportunities for stamina. My legs didn’t struggle, not even for second, on this walk. I can’t believe I am just now trying this! I guess sometimes it really does help to go back to basics. I will admit that today really did feel like a casual stroll, though it was for training nonetheless. Because of that I’m not too disappointed with my finishing time. I shall see how training goes on Thursday! Until then, I appreciate you all following this fitness journey. I hope everyone never stop moving and moving! And of course, I plan on making “Lumber Bootcamp” videos! 😁

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