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The 29th #WalkForever training Day is finally here! AKA I walked 30 miles in 6 hours!

Happy #WalkForever Tuesday!!! Today was such an unbelievable day for training! Training update is as follows… I WAS ALMOST AFRAID TO DO THE WALK TODAY WITH HOW THE PREVIOUS SESSIONS HAVE TURNED OUT! I started out today with some healthful snacks because I was out of protein shakes. I put off the walk until close to the afternoon because the weather said it would be in the upper 50s around then. I decided I would walk today in shorts, for the first time in months. Oh my goodness, my legs were so goddamned happy. I was walking faster than I have in a while! I walked the first couple miles to the grocery store to get more protein shakes. The package said it was plant protein, organic and all the good stuff but I tasted some chemicals ☠ However I decided not to be too picky and use what I can to aid me for the rest of the walk. For the next few miles, my legs were still moving at top speed and started to drizzle a little. I have, unfortunately, been rained on before so I decided to keep going regardless. To my surprise, the temperature not only was steadily rising but the sun was coming out. It went from overcast, to a warm and sunny day! I couldn’t believe it! I had no choice but to walk my ass off! 😁 I walked around the neighborhood, then to the park a couple miles away and then back to the neighborhood to find out I had walked over 13 miles in less than three hours. I couldn’t believe how fast I was going 😮 I felt my momentum starting to deplete but I held off on drinking another protein shake just to see how much further my legs could go. After about 5 more miles, I felt my right leg start to act up so I had to stop and do some stretches here and there. After the last couple training sessions I was determined to see this through. I even bought myself a smoothie (It was so good!) just to add more incentive to keep going. Now, this damned tracker was doing so well up until the 25th-26th mile and… It went black. I was like, seriously? I AM SO CLOSE, MAN! I kept waiting to see if it would function right again and… It did! I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t want to risk it, so I just keep moving. I decided not to check it again until I was sure I was close to finishing. By the time I finally checked, I realized I was extremely close to finishing in 6 hours. I just had to finish the walk within five minutes. I literally finished right before the timer was about to go a minute past six. I could not believe it. I accomplished my goal! Today was just awesome all around! Well, we shall see how Thursday turns out now! I appreciate you all following this fitness journey! I hope you all never stop moving and moving! 🙂

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