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The 29th Day of #WalkForever training stalled AGAIN! Part 1 of 2

Happy #WalkForever Thursday! Today was such a warm and promising day for training, and then “that” happened… again😒. Training update is as follows… So today started out almost exactly like Tuesday did. I had the toast, protein shake and was so ready to conquer these 30 miles. One difference before I started the walk was a Starbucks run. Those several sips of Frappuccino gave a nice energy boost😁! Another difference I made was walking without a backpack, and, into the first two miles of the walk, walk in a sleeveless shirt. Goodness, words cannot describe how good it felt to be able to walk without any extra weight and less clothing! Before I knew it, I had walked 9 miles without feeling as if I needed to put effort. I was so hype to finish this training session much faster than the previous ones. It was almost 3 hours into the walk and my tracker was a little over 14 miles. I decided not to check it again until I had walked a nice distance. An hour later I was walking near a Harris Tetter and needed to take a bathroom break, so I checked my tracker to see how many miles I had remaining. And to my dreaded horror all over again, the tracker had stopped recording miles properly and the average pace was ridiculously off. I do not know what is going on with it, but this is so frustrating to have two training days unfulfilled. (Clearly, the 29th Day is going to make me work for it.) I’m almost afraid to use that app now. (lol) I am going to give it one more chance next week and if I get the same conclusion, then it is time for something more reliable. For part 1 of this post, I wanted to share the usual #WalkForever training details. For part 2 of this post, I wanted to share a fitness regimen I am going to start practicing and perfecting. As far as #WalkForever training is concerned, it will be back to business next Tuesday. Until then, I appreciate everyone following this fitness journey. I hope you all never stop moving and moving. 🙂

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