The 29th Day of #WalkForever training paused for today/Minor updates!

Hello, all!!! I decided to put #WalkForever training on pause for the day. I just wanted my body to focus on healing for today. I have never been a fan of the fast paced ways of society. I am much more of a slow and steady person, despite the fact that I was trying to walk 25 miles in 5 hours. (lol) For those following the blog, you’ll notice I have added several pages all with “body” in the titles. I plan on updating those pages over time with more ideas for fitness training and so forth. I eventually want a gym of my own, so I like to think of this as a foundation for these ideas and trainings. I have also recently completed a program for behavior change to add with my trainer certification, which is so exciting because it is something I have ALWAYS been interested in. I plan on diving deeper into the subject and utilizing it to help myself and others make healthful changes and lasting habits. I also owe you guys leg progress photos! I haven’t forgotten! I shall post more after next Tuesday’s training session. I really wish I could train on the weekends but, for now, that is when I have to work. So I shall post another update on Tuesday. As always, I appreciate you all following this fitness journey. 😊

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