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The 26th Day of #WalkForever training! AKA The first day of the 30 mile walk!

Happy #WalkForever Tuesday!!! It has been a beautiful day for #WalkForever training! Training update is as follows… I JUST ORDERED MY TRIED AND TRUE REEBOK, SO I CAN FINALLY GET RID OF THESE SKETCHERS! I just had to get that out of my system. (Lol) I recieved a notification tonight saying the shoes should be here tomorrow. I am so excited! Reebok, for as long as I can remember, have been able to handle my long walks and still support my feet. I highly, highly recommend. To be fair, Sketchers are good shoes for causal walking, not my long journey strolls. Anyway, today is a milestone! I actually walked 30 miles! Yay! My legs were still not at their best today despite the fact that I took last week off. I had to stop and take some stretches every now and then. However, they pulled through and helped me accomplish another feat! The route I took today was a lot more traffic heavy than I would’ve liked. For any followers that reside in North Carolina or have lived here, I walked to Downtown Durham, then to the Brier Creek area in Raleigh and back to Durham. This walk really did feel like I was “traveling”. While, technically, I was traveling but I always regard traveling as going somewhere you’ve never been before. Also, after the walk, I found myself experiencing an abundance of “feel good” chemicals. It solidified the feeling of accomplishment. So I am going to let me legs heal tomorrow and if those shoes come as promised, I will post about that as well. There will be another training post on Thursday as usual. I appreciate everyone following this fitness journey. I hope you all never stop moving. 🙂

Music that aided this walk: Michael Jackson pretty much got me through this entire walk!

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