The 1st day of 30 Mile #WalkForever training paused until next week/Mission Statement thoughts!

Hello, all!!! I decided to let me legs keep healing and get back to moving next week! Since I’m not sharing any training for this week I did want to share some insight, if I haven’t already, on the blog itself. I may end up making this a full “Mission Statement” but I just wanted to share some thoughts for now. I created this blog to share how much I love to walk long distances, and share my ideas of fitness training. I wanted to share my experiences of doing it, how I intend to do it for as long as possible and maybe encourage someone to love to move as much as I do. Now, I am not going to act as if I know all there is to know about blogging, because I really am taking this one step at a time. (So if I am doing something wrong, please be patient with me.) πŸ˜… I do intend to add more fitness training as time goes on but I wanted to stick with #WalkForever for now. And as far as #WalkForever is concerned, my goal is to be able to walk 100 miles in 20 hours. Walking 25 miles in 5 hours is DEFINITELY not easy so I’m going about this particular goal slowly but surely. Anyway, I shall post an update next week. I am looking forward to moving again. The fitness journey has slowed down but isn’t stopping no time soon! πŸ™‚

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