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The 25th effing day of 25 mile #WalkForever training is officially here!!!

Happy #WalkForever Thursday!!! Well I have finally made it to 25 days of walking 25 miles! Yay!!!!!! This monumental #WalkForever update is as follows… I think the Universe really likes to test me when I’m doing something I REALLY want to do! Today I had to go into work for a meeting, so my walk ended up being pushed back until after 1 in the afternoon. I NEVER start my walk that late but I was too determined to make this the day that I complete this goal! Once I finally was able to start my walk, things were fine for the first 20 minutes and then I get hives! (Ewww) Despite that, I just kept walking. About 8 miles into my walk, my leg starts to ache. (My leg was acting funny on Tuesday but it had gotten better.) And wouldn’t you know, for the rest of the walk I am literally taking every once of strength and will to finish this walk with a leg that will not cooperate! (Lol) It is really not funny and I do not condone behavior like this. It is just astounding to me that all these things occurred on this day. Though I am more than thrilled that I was able to see this through! Because of the circumstances I’m not too concerned with my finishing time. (I’m just thankful I finished.) I am definitely taking time to recover and try to understand what exactly I’m doing incorrectly. I may need to invest in better shoes because these slight pains and injuries have only occurred once I changed shoes. (Goddamn sketchers…) I truly do appreciate everyone that is following this blog, and I hope you continue to follow! I intend on keeping this blog going for as long as I am able. I haven’t forgotten about 30 mile walks, now! I am going to post another #WalkForever update on Tuesday as usual. I hope you all never stop moving! 🙂

Music that aided this journey: Evanescence – Fallen, Michael Jackson – Invincible, The Dark Knight – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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