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The 24th Day of #WalkForever 25 mile training is completed! Part 1

Happy #WalkForever Tuesday and the first #WalkForever training of 2021!!! Today has been a cold and muddy day for #WalkForever training! #WalkForever update is as follows… Happy New Year, y’all! This dreaded winter weather is not making this training easy! It is officially routine to wait until 10 or 11 a.m. to start, because hopefully by then it is warmer! I’m glad I brought some gloves because otherwise my hands would’ve turned to ice!! I decided to start off the journey differently than usual. I walked the first 5 miles around the neighborhood, then proceeded to head to the shopping centers where I usually go. I have to admit that the momentum was a bit off because I wasn’t used to doing the walk this way. However I thought this would not only prep me for the 30 mile walks, but help me per-fect my current route. I may change the route again on Thursday. Walking on different types of terrain can be challenging for your legs and feet, so definitely need to find an path that works. The walk overall wasn’t too bad. I finished at 5 hours and 12 minutes, which is faster than last time so I am happy about that. I was afraid I was going too slow but I surprised myself. (Lol) So, today means there is only one more training day until 30 mile walks! Yay! I appreciate everyone that continues to follow this fitness journey! I shall post another update on Thursday! I hope y’all never stop moving 🙂

Music that aided this walk: Michael Jackson – (Bad and Dangerous) Batman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Batman Begins: Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack, Spider-Man 2: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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