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The 23rd Day of #WalkForever 25 mile training is complete!!! The FINAL training day of 2020!

Happy New Year’s Eve!!! Today has been one hell of a slippery day for #WalkForever training, honey! #WalkForever training update is as follows… I swear the weather is unpredictable! The moment I woke up, I was already prepared for the rain and to postpone the walk for an hour or so. However it overcast for the most part, so I went ahead and got dressed for the 25 mile adventure. I still cannot get over how useful these new headphones are! This is the second walk that I am using them, and it makes the regimen so much more smooth. Anyway, for the first 9 miles of the walk there was no rain. After that, I got rained on twice and I almost slipped and fell several times. (Lol.) It was definitely not funny when it was happening but looking back, I can laugh at myself now. The walk overall was a little slower than Tuesday’s walk. Ever since I finished the 18th day of training with only a minute over 5 hours, it has been a challenge to get close to that again. I am still determined nonetheless. 🙂 Today marks the final training day of 2020. This has been one crazy year, but I’m looking forward to starting 2021 by being even more fitness obsessed! The 24th Day of #WalkForever will commence in 2021. I appreciate you all following this fitness journey. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Also, only two more training sessions until 30 mile #WalkForever days!!!

Music and Audiobooks that aided on this training session: Mariah Carey – Butterfly, Neil Gaiman – Norse Mythology

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