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The 22nd Day of #WalkForever 25 mile training FINALLY complete!!!

Happy #WalkForever Tuesday!!! This training is overdue and I’m glad it is done! #WalkForever update is as follows… So today’s walk was exciting for the simple fact that I officially have wireless headphones! I did not realize how useful they could be! I was able to walk faster and readjust myself in a much more comfortable manner. Despite the coldness, I was able to complete most of the walk in a sleeveless shirt. (Which, for me, is stunning in cold air.) I definitely feel the effects of not doing this for the past week. Around the 15th mile, I had to push my legs more to keep up with a steady pace. I managed to finish overall with 5 hours and 15 minutes. Which isn’t as close to 5 hours as I have been, but still good. My walking shoes are still holding up, but tell me why the socks I just purchased already have a hole in them? Ugh. I KNOW I walk a lot but ugh. Also, it’s supposed to be rainy on Thursday but, as usual, I will play it by ear. (Fingers crossed) Until then, I will be posting the start of my leg progress photos! I appreciate everyone following this fitness journey. I hope you all never stop moving, moving and moving! 3 more training days until 30 mile #WalkForever days!

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