The 22nd day of #WalkForever training postponed for today!

Happy Tuesday!!! #WalkForever training has been paused for today. It seems after training last Thursday, I really did injure myself! The lower part of my leg was swollen for a couple of days. That’s not a good look! It is looking better today, but I decided to take today to heal as well. Thursday is looking like a nasty weather day, so I will keep a look out. I really want to end the year finishing all 25 days of 25 mile training days. Although I don’t mind starting 2021 with the last day of training either. I’m excited no matter what! I am going to start sharing photos of my legs and how they’re progressing, probably starting next week. (Just so y’all will know I am actually doing this. I promise I am. Lol.) I shall post another #WalkForever update on Christmas Eve! I appreciate everyone following this wonderful fitness journey. 🙂

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