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The 21st day of 25 mile #WalkForever training is done! :)

Happy Thursday!!! It has been one hell of an enduring day for #WalkForever training! #WalkForever training update is as follows… After the way my last training session went, I decided to take it easy today. I wanted everything to run smoothly but not too slowly. I ended up starting my walk a quarter after noon, which is much later for me. The walk started off with a steady pace. I would say the fastest I went was between the 7-14 mile marks. The next 5 miles after that I felt my legs starting to feel a bit heavy, so I had to get back to the steady I started off with. Throughout the walk today I kept thinking how close I am to my 25 day goal! That kept me motivated when at times my body would argue with me. (Lol) Most of the irritation I was feeling on Tuesday is gone, but there are slight triggers here and there. Today’s walk overall was definitely not my fastest, but it always feels good that I got out there anyway. As I’m finishing up this post, I realize 2020 is almost over! I find that hard to believe because this year has dragged on for too long!!! (Lol) And, next week is Christmas! Wow. Okay. So, I do have something to do next Tuesday. I still plan on posting an update as usual and we shall see how the week unfolds. I appreciate everyone following me on this fantastic fitness journey! I hope you all never stop moving, moving and moving. Also, it is only 4 more training days until 30 mile training days!!!! 🙂

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