The Moving Body

The 20th Day of 25 mile #WalkForever training is completed!

Happy Tuesday!!! Today has been rough for #WalkForever training! #WalkForever training update is as follows… Wow. I have taken the time to do this for 20 days. I didn’t think about that until now. I always feel great when I start something and stick with it, no matter what. Today, was no exception. I was already aware that it was going to be cold. I made sure to dress warmly and get my energy up before the walk. I recently purchased some CLIF bars and wanted to see how they affected my training. They do give a good amount if energy to sustain movement. I took a couple of those along with some protein shakes. Everything was going well as I began walking. The more I walked I noticed slight irritation but I figured it would just fade as usual. Unfortunately slight pain occurred in several parts of my body throughout the entire walk. I had no idea what was going on. Today’s walk has been the most uncomfortable thus far. Because of that, I am not too upset at the results of my finishing time. I think I need to spend a day letting my body heal properly. I still plan on training on Thursday as usual. I cannot stop moving, not when I’ve come this far! (Lol) I shall post another update on Thursday. I appreciate everyone following this fitness journey. I hope everyone never stops moving, moving and moving. Today marks 5 more trainingdaus until 30 mile walks!!!

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