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The 19th day of #WalkForever training is complete but was definitely frustrating!

Happy Thursday!!! It has been an interesting day for #WalkForever training. #WalkForever training update is as follows… I said that the walk on Tuesday was challenging but that was nothing compared to today! For the first 5 miles things weren’t so bad, but it seemed like I really had to push my legs throughout the rest of the training. It felt as though my legs had more “weight” to them. I’m not sure if it is due to my legs not fully recovering from Tuesday, or not eating enough energy boosting foods. Either way, I’m not too thrilled about the results of today’s walk. Though, to be fair, I still finished around 5 hours. Also I lost my brand new hand towel for sweating. I didn’t realize I lost it until about the last 7 miles of the walk, and ended up retracing my steps to try and find it. After a certain point, the “weight” of legs was getting heavier and I just had to finish the rest of the walk without it. So while I’m always thrilled to have another day of training done, I definitely have to do better next week. I shall post another #WalkForever update next Tuesday! I appreciate those following me on this fitness journey. I hope you all never stop moving, moving and moving. Oh! Today means there are 6 more training days until 30 mile #WalkForever days! Yay!

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