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The 18th Day of #WalkForever training! AKA I was so close to doing 25 miles in 5 hours! Post 1 of 2

Happy Tuesday!!! Today has been a great day for #WalkForever training!!! #WalkForever training update is as follows… So, as usual, this morning it was frigid outside on this lovely Tuesday. I decided to wait until later in the morning to go for the walk, despite the fact the highest today would be in the 40s. To my surprise, it actually felt pretty good when I finally left! About a mile in the walk I felt slight irritation in my calves and feet, so I adjusted the way I was stepping and tried to put more of the pressure into my thighs. The irritation faded as the walk progressed but I definitely had to push myself. Today has been the most challenging walk yet. I was moving faster than ever and was rewarded with finally achieving 5 miles in one hour! That made me so happy! It made me finally believe I could do 25 miles in 5 hours. Unfortunately, I finished at 5 hours and 1 minute. I was so close!! Ugh!! Though I should be grateful that I made progress nonetheless. Thankfully it supposed to be warmer on Thursday, so we shall see how training goes then! I appreciate everyone following me on this fitness journey. As always never stop moving, moving and moving. Only 7 more training days until 30 miles of #WalkForever training!

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