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The 17th Day of #WalkForever training is the closest to walking 25 miles in 5 hours!!!

Happy Tuesday!!! It is an amazing day for #WalkForever training!!! #WalkForever training update is as follows… Why is it almost every Tuesday, or Thursday, it is either extremely cold or raining? Goodness! I feel like it it’s the Universe testing me to see if I’ll stick with this. However, I intend to do just that! So yesterday I received some new walking shoes! Yay! My current ones lasted, more or less, for 250 miles of walking. I thought a new pair was in order. 🙂 Today’s walk was challenging. The cold and wind are such villains! Despite that, I was more determined than ever to make it as close as possible to 5 hours. I ended up finishing the walk at 5 hours and 5 minutes! I still can’t believe that. I should’ve did a little dance. (Haha) I still have to work on walking quickly but stepping properly. I keep forgetting how easy it is to injure your feet. The protein shakes are really helping, so I will definitely keep investing in those. I am thinking of posting leg progress photos, but I think that can wait until I am doing 30 miles. Speaking of which, 8 more days until 30 miles! I appreciate everyone following this journey of movement. I shall post another #WalkForever update on Thursday! Never stop moving, moving and moving, y’all!

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