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The 15th Day of #WalkForever training all done! Another 25 miles completed!

Happy Tuesday!!!!! It is another day for #WalkForever training!!!!! #WalkForever training update is as follows… So today started off pretty smooth. I woke up, got dressed and was ready to clear another 25 miles in the dreaded chilly weather. Rather than stopping at the grocery store within the first couple miles of the walk, I had snacks already! I recently purchased some “YES! Bars” and vegan protein shakes to help with extra energy. Yet, despite the bars, I started off a bit sluggish for some reason. My overall speed today was slightly off compared to last Thursday. I finished 25 miles at 5 hours and 29 minutes. Though I finished only 4 minutes slower than my fastest, it still bothers me. I was so looking forward to beating my time last week. It could be my shoes. They are already falling apart! (Lol) Something else that bothered me during the walk were my calves. They’ve grown so much because of all the walking I’ve done for the past decade, but it’s like they feel “too big” to a point where it’s too much muscle? I don’t know. Other than that, it is another training day successfully completed. So, Thursday is Thanksgiving! I still plan on completing training as usual, but the weather is supposed to be messy… again. I will post an update, nonetheless. As always never stop moving, moving and moving! 10 more training sessions to go until 30 miles!

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