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The 13th Day of #WalkForever training FINALLY… complete!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!! It is another day for effing #WalkForever training! #WalkForever training update is as follows… This day of training is overdue! It felt so good to finally get ready for this 25 mile walk this morning, until I felt that chill outside!!! Thank goodness I was listening to a superhero audiobook for the first few minutes. Anything superhero has always inspired me to pushed through, hence why I’m into fitness. πŸ™‚ However, the cold in the early morning was nothing compared to how windy it was as the day progressed. The wind was either trying to knock me over, slow me down or blow my phone right out of my hand! It seriously felt like the faster I walked, the stronger the winds blew. From another perspective this was actually a good form of resistance. It was a bit harder for me to keep up the momentum for the last 2-3 miles, which did annoy me. I was aiming to finish a few minutes earlier than I did. But another day of training is completed so that is all that counts. If Thursday is anything like today, I already know what I’m in store for! I shall post another #WalkForever update then. Until that time comes, never stop moving, moving and moving. πŸ™‚

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