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The 13th Day of #WalkForever training.. started but postponed

Happy Tuesday!!!!!!! Well, today would’ve been another day for #WalkForever training but there were some “complications”. On a side note, I can’t believe how warm it still is and we’re now in November. Also, my phone is going to be the main character in this story. So the morning started a little later because for some reason my phone isn’t charging properly. Since I use my phone to track my cardio progress, I need close to 100% before I go. However, my legs were itching to get moving so I settled for 79%. Fast forward to the first couple miles of my walk, I stopped for some KIND bars and proceeded to move, move and move. (I swear those things give just the right boost.) About one hour and and a half into my walk, I noticed my tracker saying I was going too slow. Then about close to three hours in my walk, the tracker claimed I had only walked a little over 8 miles. (I’m usually at 13 miles around this point.) It seemed the problem was the tracker couldn’t function properly because the battery saver option was on. I was so angry with myself, eventhough I was completely aware. I’m still a bit bothered by it but I’ll just take that frustration out on the next training session. Speaking of which, the weather is supposed to be messy again for the next few days. I’m definitely looking forward to making up for today but will see how it’s looking out there. I shall post another #WalkForever update on Thursday. As always, never stop moving.

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