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The 11th Day of 25 mile #WalkForever training!

Happppppy Tuesday! It’s another day for #WalkForever training! Goodness! It was soooooo cold this morning! I usually leave for my walk between 6-8am, but I had to push it another hour. It was glorious nonetheless. Today was epic because I achieved my current goal of walking 25 miles in 5 hours and 30 minutes!!!!!!!!! I am so happy! It feels so good when my body keeps up with my crazy demands. I wonder if eating those KIND bars helped early in my walk. (They are pretty good, to be honest.) I’m still trying to figure out the right fuel for my routines. Something about today just made me go faster. Now I’m excited for Thursday!!!!! As always, never stop moving! I will post another #WalkForever update on Thursday!

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