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The 10th Day of 25 miles worth of walking!

Happy Tuesday! It is another marvelous day for #WalkForever training! Today was great! I didn’t realize how many people pay attention to me walking. One guy asked me how far do I walk, and he just raised a hand after I told him! (Lol) I guess I am walking too much because my socks have holes in them! I was hoping I wouldn’t have to buy more of those for a while but whatever. Speaking of clothes, it’s starting to get cold. (I am not a fan of cold weather, no ma’am.) I’ve been thinking about cold weather gear for the coming months. I definitely plan on continuing #WalkForever through the wintertime but I’m not risking my life in the ice and snow. (F that!) AND speaking of messy weather, it is supposed to rain heavily on Thursday!!!! That WOULD happen on my training day. However I will see how things go and still post nonetheless. #WalkForever stops for no one. 🙂

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